When I Need to Escape…

Music the perfect escape from the world….headphones in music letting you become immersed in the lyrics.

Ah yes escaping again from the reality losing ones self in the virtual world.

“Why do we use music to escape, why does it speak to our souls so well.”

There is some wicked cool gear available now at The Arcade and The Kings & Queens Fair so make sure you go check that stuff out.

When I need to Escape

(Thank you to Kirra for organizing a pic for me as my comp has pooed itself lol)

*~*Damselfly*~* Seth Dark Brown hair

Beusame :: Facial Hair V7.6 Beard

* S O R G O – TEFLON Shades/ Black

[MANDALA] OKAKI Face piercing set

[MANDALA] OKAKI Dog tag necklace

:::LP::: LP_Headphones – White @The Arcade

PMS – Crown Me Awkward T-shirt @K&Q Fair

PMS King of the Jungle Sleeve Tattoo @K&Q Fair

FLite. Outsiders – Studded White – Rare @The Arcade


The Forsaken King

Oh its been a while Ive been keeping it quiet in sl as I have had enough crazy in rl for all of us. But there is a great couple of events around now and a heap of new gear to show you I hope you enjoy.

I wanna send a shout out to Kirra for giving me a hand as I have had no inspiration and she has helped me a great deal to pull this together.

There is no random thought for this blog post only a statement that I have had running through my life lately.

“Dont take your family or friends for granted always let those that are dear to you know how you feel”

Monster Swag Fest


+Spellbound+ Monster Beards

[coepio] Mr.Sweater [with HUD] @ King & Queen Fair

[coepio] Mr.Flat [With HUD] shoe @King & Queen Fair

Speakeasy ::Cry For Me Tatto @King & Queen Fair



When all else fails turn to what you know is right.

So its been a short while since I did a bloggy thing but there are some cool events going on and plenty of new guy stuff around for the buying so you should get into sl and shop.

So you try to do the right thing be a friend be there when they need you pick them up and dust them off when they fall and wipe their tears when they cry…..but as soon as they find that special some one you get dumped and left behind until the next time your needed to be the support and you know what sucks I always fall for it.

I am too nice.

“Do you always stay and wait be the ever faithful friend…how many times can you get pushed down?”


Truth Hair – Tom

+Spellbound+ – Monster Beard

DAPPA – Yantra Tattoo @ Suicide Dollz

DAPPA – The Jerseys – ThugLife @ District 5 



Parental Guidance

Ha yeah I gotta love her the help she gives me to keep looking this good.

“I dont think Id play this if it wasnt for her!”

She is always a laugh and an ear to bash with all my issues and yet she loves me still…thats what mothers do right?

Mama Said

On Me Cause Im awesome 😛

:Exile: Adam Dark Brown

Beausame :: Facial Hair V7.6 

*Bolson / Tattoo – Dante @TMD

[ 2byte ] Sweatshirt05 @TMD

Bueno-Lexicon Stoned Version Jeans @TMD

FLite. X Reckless Chukkas – Black

If you wanna check out what my mum Kirra is wearing youd better pop on over to her awesome blog and check it out…but dont check her out dude thats my mum. Just saying.

Im Soo Jelly Blog Here!!!!

What the F….

Okay here is my random thought for you…this makes me laugh and you can tell I obviously dont have it if I dont know what it is.

“What the fuck is SWAGG?”

Its okay though I dont need you to explain it to me I think I am happier being oblivious.

Hey anyway I hope every one has been keeping well I havent been around much due to the kids the new lady and work all pulling me in that real life direction.


New range of Beanies from LDSTYLE a good range of colours and messages to choose from check out the marketplace for this and more great gear HERE


So I might just be bringing you another blog soon so stay tuned 

Always Laugh at Yourself

Bahaha now this is random and I love it.

Make sure you go check out The Dressing Room Fusion Guys and grab this cool Hair from CheerNo its only 70L and its so much fun.

“If you can’t take a joke you need to lighten up!”

Always Laugh


CHEERNO Tongue Natural

Kauna Cardigan and ❤ FaMESHed T-Shirt (Group Gift @FaMESHed

.Reckless. Veeper Tattoo @TMD

.Pekka. Canion Unisex Piercing Black

Yeah Im bird watching…..

So many times via fb I get messaged and have a polite conversation with who ever thinking …”Oh this is nice to get to know some one…” and then all of a sudden you like a pic of some other sl chic just cause and your getting messaged asking who is that are you dating her….like wtf! Seriously?

“Why do women think a conversation is a relationship…or do I just meet the crazies?”

I have nothing against chatting and getting to know people but I have so much baggage that I never lead them on besides I have already learnt that online doesnt work for me.

I do like to bird watch though…

Maybe Im birdwatching


Spirit Store -Romana Unisex T-Shirt Grey @TMD

Spirit Store – Romana Boyfriend Pants Black @TMD

FLite. X Reckless Chukkas Black (Slink)

etham – The Blues Bracelet @TBH (Hunt item look for The Blues Hunt Sign)

AITUI – Wanderlust Binoculars Matte Black @FaMESHed

RO – Hipster Bag – Tarmac @FaMESHed

.Reckless. Veeper Tatt @TMD

Stumbled across an awesome sim to explore and take pics on you should really get over here and check it out.  Baja Norte